Public School 213's New Spring/ Summer Menu

Public School 213 has always been a local hangout spot for me for drinks and snacks, and I was excited to try their new spring/ summer menu! New additions include a grilled watermelon & heirloom tomato stack, pizza di verdure, and meatballs & linguine. They have a huge selection of beers on tap, and I had The Earl of Juniper, an earl grey infused jin with lavender and lemon that was delectable. 

We started out with the grilled watermelon & heirloom tomato stack that was topped with feta, balsamic, and marcona almonds. This dish had the best textures! Both the watermelon and the tomato was super juicy, but the tomato was more soft and spongey whereas the watermelon was crisp and light. The contrast of the two really complemented each other well, and the almonds was just the cherry to the dish. Obsessed with this combination- I need more of this in my life! 

The Pizza di Verdure with zucchini, arrabbiata angry sauce, caramelized onions, basil, goat cheese, truffle oil, and lemon gremolata was next, and the combination was delicious. Lots of intertwining flavors and textures throughout, and I really liked the subtle hint of truffle oil in the pizza! 

Last but not least, the Meatballs & Linguine included the arrabbiata angry sauce, rapini, grana padano, and basil. This was the favorite of the table as the sauce had a spicy kick to it from the arrabbiata angry sauce. The linguine was cooked perfectly, and the meatballs were so flavorful and juicy! I was super impressed with this dish.

We had a great time at Public School 213, and I'm so glad we finally got to try the food! The overall theme of "school" with composition books, "incomplete" to go boxes, and school tables is so cute! Love how they have seasonal items so that the menu is always changing! 

Le Petit Paris

Le Petit Paris is a beautiful French restaurant that seats over 300 tables in on setting. I have visited once on their grand opening day, and I was excited to return to see what changes have been made! My friends and I came in during lunch time, and the decor was gorgeous as always. The high vaulted ceilings with chandeliers make it the perfect date spot or a great time with friends, and they even have a live DJ at night on the weekends playing disco and French house! 

After sitting, we started out with some drinks and appetizers. We got a homemade crostini with cream cheese truffle topped with pesto sauce that is included with every table. This was addicting to me as I love anything cream cheese! For appetizers, we got the foie gras, sea bass ceviche, and white and green asparagus with a hollandaise sauce. I loved the foie gras as it was creamy and decadent, and a hint of sweet always pairs well with the foie. The sea bass ceviche was very refreshing and light, and I loved the textures of salsa added so it wasn't al soft. Our friend was vegan, and she really enjoyed her asparagus! Perfect start to our meal!  

Next up- the white truffle pizza. We had actually requested this one as it looked AMAZING, and it was definitely up to par! Instead of using regular cheese, Chef Jeremie uses a mixture of cheese and cream cheese which made it super creamy! They are also very generous with the white truffle, and this literally tasted like the pizza of my dreams! I have included two photos, as one is not enough! 

For entrees, we got the Saffron Scallops Risotto with peas and chorizo, Vegetables Linguini (vegan), and the "Le Petit Paris" Signature Cheeseburger with bacon and french fries. First of all, let me state that French people does fries best! Makes sense as it's called French fries... but we were obsessed with these fries! We could not stop eating it even though we were extremely full, and the fries were super crispy on the outside yet steaming hot and soft on the inside. On to the actual food- the risotto was delectable! The scallops were perfectly seared, and the risotto had a nice mixture of saffron in it. The vegetable linguini was tossed in a light oil sauce which was divine! Last but not least, the cheeseburger. Juicy, succulent meat with cheese oozing everywhere... Life cannot get any better. At this point, we were way too full, so we had to take some food home. 

We did end up taking a few photos of the dessert as they were so cute, but we were way too full for dessert as we ate so much! Thank you Chef Jeremie as well as the rest of restaurant for the hospitality, we had a fantastic time at Le Petit Paris! Can't wait to return~

Napa Valley Grille Re-Opening

1100 Glendon Ave Ste 100
Los AngelesCA 90024

Commemorating their 15th year anniversary, Napa Valley Grille has re-opened their doors after a $2 million renovation. The entire restaurant has been remodeled including the interior dining room, private event space, and outdoor furniture with earth tone colors. Upon entering the restaurant, we were very impressed at the tall ceilings and the cavernous like rooms. There are multiple dining rooms perfect for a private event space, and they even added a private room encased with wine storage!

Napa Valley Grille also introduced Chef Adrian Vela as their new executive head chef. He has worked under chefs such as Joel Robuchon and Charlie Palmer, and brings with him a seasonal menu using local ingredients while keeping to the classic California cuisine that the restaurant offers. After sitting in one of the smaller rooms, we decided to order a couple appetizers to start as well as a glass of wine.

Wagyu Meatballs, beef, pancetta, fried green tomato, fresh herbs, romesco- Meatballs are always a fantastic choice, and this was no exception. The tomato was plump and juicy, and the crust was nice and crispy on the outside. It served as a great complement to the meatballs, and the marinara sauce was thick and creamy. 

Oven Roasted Mussels, crispy pancetta, sweet onions, charred tomato, Chardonnay- the mussel broth was amazing, and we could not stop dipping the bread in it! The sauce had a subtle smokey taste and was bursting of flavor. 

Roasted Vegetable Flatbread, brussels sprouts, heirloom carrots, cauliflower, garlic, corn, herbs- The crust was thin and crispy, and we loved the toppings! Everything tasted great together; it was a very Californian appetizer to start. 

For the entrees, we got the Chef's special lobster ravioli and the Steelhead trout. The house-made lobster ravioli with shrimp, chervil, and watermelon salad as my favorite from the night! The inside was stuffed with lobster, and the chilled watermelon shrimp salad was the perfect pairing to the ravioli. The bearnaise sauce that was fantastic as well as it added a light citrus taste to the overall dish. 

The steelhead trout with roasted asparagus, Meyer lemon risotto, harissa, and micro sorrel was a solid dish; the fish was tender and the risotto was nice and creamy. 

For dessert, we got the Butterscotch Bread Pudding as it was highly recommended as well as the Chocolate Pot De Creme. I have a giant sweet tooth, and the Butterscotch Bread Pudding was perfect for me! The marshmallows were toasted to perfection and the chocolate crisp was a great contrast to the soft bread pudding. I drenched my bread pudding in the brown sugar sauce, and it was yummy! 

The Chocolate Pot de Creme was smooth and creamy, and even though it was viscous, the chocolate flavor was on the lighter side! The pistachio biscotti paired really well with the chocolate.

We had a fantastic night at Napa Valley Grille; the restaurant was gorgeous! I used to pass by this restaurant back when I was at UCLA, and the renovations have really transformed the restaurant! Thanks for having us- so glad Napa Valley Grille is back! Like them on Facebook or follow them on Instagram to keep up to date with their opening~