Le Petit Paris

Le Petit Paris is a beautiful French restaurant that seats over 300 tables in on setting. I have visited once on their grand opening day, and I was excited to return to see what changes have been made! My friends and I came in during lunch time, and the decor was gorgeous as always. The high vaulted ceilings with chandeliers make it the perfect date spot or a great time with friends, and they even have a live DJ at night on the weekends playing disco and French house! 

After sitting, we started out with some drinks and appetizers. We got a homemade crostini with cream cheese truffle topped with pesto sauce that is included with every table. This was addicting to me as I love anything cream cheese! For appetizers, we got the foie gras, sea bass ceviche, and white and green asparagus with a hollandaise sauce. I loved the foie gras as it was creamy and decadent, and a hint of sweet always pairs well with the foie. The sea bass ceviche was very refreshing and light, and I loved the textures of salsa added so it wasn't al soft. Our friend was vegan, and she really enjoyed her asparagus! Perfect start to our meal!  

Next up- the white truffle pizza. We had actually requested this one as it looked AMAZING, and it was definitely up to par! Instead of using regular cheese, Chef Jeremie uses a mixture of cheese and cream cheese which made it super creamy! They are also very generous with the white truffle, and this literally tasted like the pizza of my dreams! I have included two photos, as one is not enough! 

For entrees, we got the Saffron Scallops Risotto with peas and chorizo, Vegetables Linguini (vegan), and the "Le Petit Paris" Signature Cheeseburger with bacon and french fries. First of all, let me state that French people does fries best! Makes sense as it's called French fries... but we were obsessed with these fries! We could not stop eating it even though we were extremely full, and the fries were super crispy on the outside yet steaming hot and soft on the inside. On to the actual food- the risotto was delectable! The scallops were perfectly seared, and the risotto had a nice mixture of saffron in it. The vegetable linguini was tossed in a light oil sauce which was divine! Last but not least, the cheeseburger. Juicy, succulent meat with cheese oozing everywhere... Life cannot get any better. At this point, we were way too full, so we had to take some food home. 

We did end up taking a few photos of the dessert as they were so cute, but we were way too full for dessert as we ate so much! Thank you Chef Jeremie as well as the rest of restaurant for the hospitality, we had a fantastic time at Le Petit Paris! Can't wait to return~

Lark Cake Shop

3337 W Sunset Blvd
Los AngelesCA 90026

I used to come here a lot as I fell in love with their ice boxes (then I moved away), and upon returning this time, everything was just as consistent as last time, if not better! I came in with a group of friends and got the Oreo & gingerbread icebox, and various cupcake flavors. 

The icebox is similar to a Mille feuille in that they do layer by layer of cream and Oreo crisp. The end results in a delectable fluffy treat that is delicious! Similar to Lady M cakes but lighter and smaller, and in my opinion, more unique. My favorite is the Oreo- you have to try it! 

I also got the chocolate peanut butter, red velvet, berry, chocolate mousse, and coconut vanilla cupcake. The cake part is moist and soft, and there is even filling on the inside! The frosting is perfect- they have amazing cupcakes which I highly recommend. I took the cupcakes home to my roommates and they said it was the best cupcake they've ever had! My personal favorite was the chocolate peanut butter as it was very decadent and rich. 

Lark Cake Shop's specialities will not disappoint; I can see why they've been around for years! The recipes have been perfected and the really know what they're doing to their desserts. They even opened another location in Pasadena, and I'm guessing the quality will be just as good. You know where to find me if I need to get my sugar fix!