Bondi Harvest

Bondi Harvest, a popular breakfast & lunch cafe based in Australia, has opened its first location in the USA! Created by Guy Turland and Mark Alston, the two have a popular Youtube channel, cooking book, and cafes in Australia. The name Bondi Harvest comes from Sydney's most famous stretch of sand called Bondi Beach, where there is a strong breakfast cafe culture in that area. Since Guy has always had a strong connection to the ocean, it was only fair that his cafe embodies it! 

The cafe itself is super cute and hip, and there's seating inside and outside on the patio. We ordered the fried egg sandwich, the three tartines (sweet halloumi, avo toast, and wild mushroom), as well as the Bondi breakfast. Acai bowls were unfortunately sold out, so we got the On the Green and Mango Madness smoothie. 

Avo Toast, smashed avocado, smoked paprika, sea salt, evoo- This toast was simple yet delectable. The flavors were very prominent especially since avocado is more on the muted side, and it was yummy! 

Wild Mushrooms, tabasco kale, ricotta, almonds- I love how the ricotta really added to the toast! Great textures overall with the nuts and the various ingredients, and this toast was my favorite of the three!

Sweet Halloumi, avocado, lemon, pistachio dukkah and grilled halloumi, raw wildflower honey- I've actually never had halloumi cheese, and I liked how it was grilled for texture! The honey added an overall subtle sweetness to it, and this one was also delicious! 

Fried Egg Sandwich, bacon, avocado, hot sauce, aioli, aged parmesan, tomato- this may or may not be the best fried egg sandwich I've ever had! I still think about this sandwich to this day... and am so impressed at how perfect it was! Definitely a must order! 

Bondi Breakfast- two eggs, bacon, roasted tomato, avocado, mushrooms, sourdough toast- This dish was more than just your average breakfast dish! We loved the presentation and the taste of everything. We were too full by this point, so we actually boxed this one togo. 

The On the Green (kale, spinach, avocado, coconut water, apple juice, lemon, mango pulp) and Mango Madness (frozen mango, turmeric, cinammon, coconut cream) smoothies were super healthy tasting. The smoothies were more viscous, and had a nice texture overall. 

During our brunch,we also got to meet Guy Turland himself, and he left me with an impressionable quote, "Restaurant is just a place to eat, while a cafe is a community." This is so true in so many ways- people always hang out and bond at cafes while a patron goes to a restaurant to eat. The whole vision behind Bondi Harvest is so clearly seen at this cafe, and it's amazing to see how far Bondi Harvest has come! 

Ox & Son

1534 Montana Ave

Santa Monica, CA 90403

Decided to give this spot another chance as the food was delicious, and this visit surpassed my expectations by far! Upon walking in, the hostess was very welcoming, and we were seated immediately at our table. After studying the menu, we decided to order a bunch of dishes to share as well as a giant berry punch bowl! The punch bowl serves four to six, and since we had five people, it was the perfect size for us. 

The punch bowl was fruity, light, and refreshing, and our table could not stop drinking it! They are also extremely generous with fruit, and there were a ton of giant strawberries everywhere which was the icing to the cake. 

Baked Avocado and Eggs, smoked salmon, aged white cheddar, pickled onion, arugula- this tasted as beautiful as it looked! You can't go wrong with avocado, eggs, and smoked salmon, and this was no exception. 

Banh Mi Breakfast Bowl, coconut black sticky rice, pickled vegetables, poached egg, pork sausage, cilantro, jalapeño, cucumber- this was better than I remembered! Mixing everything created the perfect combination of spicy and savory, and I was really impressed at the ingredients they used to create this dish. This is definitely a MUST ORDER! 

Just Breakfast, two eggs, spiced potatoes, bacon or sausage, bread & jam- I personally did not try this, but it is your staple breakfast dish! My friend enjoyed it though.

Oysters- we got a half dozen of Kusshi oysters, and of course they were sweet and super fresh! Kusshi is one of my favorites as they are smaller and sweeter than the usual oyster. I loved how they displayed the oysters; the tabasco came in a dropper and it also came with a variety of sauces.

Bucatini Pasta & Sweet Pork Sausage, 8 hour tomato sauce, pork sausage, basil, parmesan- this was DELICIOUS especially since Ox & Son isn't a pasta spot. The bucatini was cooked perfectly, and they added a little bit of crisp on top to add texture. Yum! 

Avocado Heirloom Tomato Toast, pecorino, pumpkin seeds, radish- add a fried egg on top for even more deliciousness! Presentation of the toast was so pretty, and it was yummy! Definitely a great option if you don't know what to order. We actually didn't see it on the menu until later as it was in the sandwich section.

Kale & Preserved Lemon Salad, kale, radicchio, onion, cucumber, heirloom tomatoes, pecorino cheese, buttermilk lemon herb dressing- this salad was crisp and refreshing! I actually could not stop eating this even though I am not a big fan of kale salad. 

Prime Beef Tartare, truffled egg, soy, onion, apple, sesame brioche- I love a good steak tartare, and this was divine! The meat was marinated well, and the hint of truffle just sealed the deal for me. Presentation is cute as well! 

Uni & Eggs, soft egg, sea urchin, black bread- I finally got to try this dish, and it was delightful! Uni and eggs pair well together, and it was a softer dish.

Fresh House Cut Kennebec Fries, spicy ketchup, lime aioli- I love thick cut fries, and this one was seasoned and fried perfectly! Great side to complement the main dishes. 

For dessert, we decided to share the churros and the butterscotch coffee cake. The coffee cake was by far the favorite of the table- love the meringue crisp they utilize in their dessert! 

My friends and I had the most amazing lunch here, and this time around, our server was fantastic! He was gracious, accommodating, and friendly, and he definitely took care of us. I'm so happy I returned!

Lamill Coffee

1636 Silver Lake Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Three words. Salted caramel latte! I don't even drink coffee but this is definitely a must order. Lamill Coffee is very well known as they distribute their beans to numerous stores, and this shop is their only location that serves food. They do have one in Alhambra that serves strictly coffee, but my friends and I wanted to eat so we came in to check out their brunch!

We ended up liking everything on the menu, and ordered way too much food. We got all three toasts (avocado, smoked salmon, ricotta), as well as the salmon eggs benedict, grilled cheese and tomato soup, an omelette, and two pastries. Of course, we got mimoas as brunch is never complete without mimosas! They offered a grapefruit mimosa which I thought was unique, and although it was sour, it was a delicious start of my meal! 

The pastries were first to come we got the jalapeno cheese biscuit and the mushroom muffin. Both of them were scrumptious; the biscuit had bits of cheese over it and was nicely toasted! The muffin was warm and soft, and the inside had a generous portion of mushrooms. Yum!

On to the toasts- these were perfect in terms of presentation and taste! The avocado toast was paired with radish and onions which was was a nice crunchy complement to the soft avocado. Add a poached egg to complete this dish! This ended up being my friend's favorite of the brunch.

The smoked salmon was a delicious toast as well- very even serving of cream cheese, capers, and salmon. I took this home and ate it for dinner in the end.

I really liked the ricotta toast- they add walnuts, honey, and strawberries on top. The combination of everything was divine, and I could not stop eating it even though I was stuffed! 

You can't go wrong with the eggs benedict or the grilled cheese/tomato soup, and this spot was no exception. The yolk was runny for the benedict, the grilled cheese was toasted, and the tomato soup was creamy and hearty. My friend really liked her mushroom omelette (she made it all egg whites) as well. 

To finish, my friend had a salted caramel latte that we fell in love with! This was the best ending to our meal- you have to try it for yourself! I also got a lavender lemonade which I really liked as it had the perfect balance of lavender flavor and lemonade. I'm obsessed with brunch, and this restaurant has only fueled this current phase!