Lamill Coffee

1636 Silver Lake Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Three words. Salted caramel latte! I don't even drink coffee but this is definitely a must order. Lamill Coffee is very well known as they distribute their beans to numerous stores, and this shop is their only location that serves food. They do have one in Alhambra that serves strictly coffee, but my friends and I wanted to eat so we came in to check out their brunch!

We ended up liking everything on the menu, and ordered way too much food. We got all three toasts (avocado, smoked salmon, ricotta), as well as the salmon eggs benedict, grilled cheese and tomato soup, an omelette, and two pastries. Of course, we got mimoas as brunch is never complete without mimosas! They offered a grapefruit mimosa which I thought was unique, and although it was sour, it was a delicious start of my meal! 

The pastries were first to come we got the jalapeno cheese biscuit and the mushroom muffin. Both of them were scrumptious; the biscuit had bits of cheese over it and was nicely toasted! The muffin was warm and soft, and the inside had a generous portion of mushrooms. Yum!

On to the toasts- these were perfect in terms of presentation and taste! The avocado toast was paired with radish and onions which was was a nice crunchy complement to the soft avocado. Add a poached egg to complete this dish! This ended up being my friend's favorite of the brunch.

The smoked salmon was a delicious toast as well- very even serving of cream cheese, capers, and salmon. I took this home and ate it for dinner in the end.

I really liked the ricotta toast- they add walnuts, honey, and strawberries on top. The combination of everything was divine, and I could not stop eating it even though I was stuffed! 

You can't go wrong with the eggs benedict or the grilled cheese/tomato soup, and this spot was no exception. The yolk was runny for the benedict, the grilled cheese was toasted, and the tomato soup was creamy and hearty. My friend really liked her mushroom omelette (she made it all egg whites) as well. 

To finish, my friend had a salted caramel latte that we fell in love with! This was the best ending to our meal- you have to try it for yourself! I also got a lavender lemonade which I really liked as it had the perfect balance of lavender flavor and lemonade. I'm obsessed with brunch, and this restaurant has only fueled this current phase!

Pearl's Sunset Strip

8909 Sunset Blvd
West Hollywood, CA 90069

This restaurant, located on the rooftop of a two story building, boasts a gorgeous atmosphere with beautiful employees and people. They seem to really emphasize on the looks here, which makes sense as we are in Hollywood. The view does overlook the streets of Hollywood, and there is a covering on top so if there is rain- there isn't really an issue. We came in with a reservation for three, and sat down a few minutes after they prepared our table.

Their brunch menu has a nice array of items to choose from, and we ended up ordering a chicken and waffles, lobster tacos, and eggs benedict- one salmon and one fried chicken. The eggs benedict you can mix and match which is super cool! We also ordered a bottle of champagne which comes with a mimosa kit. 

The mimosa kit is like every girl's dream- the presentation included flowers, fresh fruit, passionfruit and berry syrup, orange juice, and swirly straws to drink your mimosa out of. I love what is included as we got to mix and match with whatever we want! Super cute concept and execution! 

The food was great; nothing spectacular, but it was delicious nevertheless. I really enjoyed my lobster tacos and the sauce that was used for the tacos. The eggs on the benedict was poached perfectly, and the fried chicken and salmon offered a nice variety in taste. The chicken and waffles was good, but I preferred my tacos over that. 

Pearl's is the perfect brunch spot for a cute girl's day out and for anyone, really. I would recommend making a reservation in advance as it does get packed during brunch. With food, presentation, and decor on point, there's nothing negative about this restaurant! Definitely going to return to enjoy the overall atmosphere and the mimosa kit.