Gemorie Jewelry: Date Night

I recently got a necklace from Gemorie's new jewelry line: Trinity Dancing Stones! The dancing stone is set in the center and is designed to sparkle from every angle, which creates a dancing movement with a dazzle. I chose the diamond criss cross pendant as I felt that it can match with any look. For this collaboration, I decided to showcase two looks that transitions from a casual day out to date night! 

For the first look, I decided to wear a blue off the shoulder top with a small dip in the middle to accentuate the necklace. I kept it simple and clean for this look and paired it with gray jeans! Top: L'atiste clothing, Jeans: Zara

As night fell, I changed out of my day clothing into an elegant and classy black maxi dress. I also wore a dress with a V cut in the middle to showcase the necklace. Dress: Showpo

As you can see, the necklace has a very versatile look that can pair well with any outfit as shown in the four photos. Although I did choose more simple outfits, the pendant can work with almost anything! I'll be hosting a giveaway on the Dancing Stones line soon- so stay tuned! :) 


All photos shot by Jennifer Wu.

Festival season is coming up... and Coachella is right around the corner! This year, I've teamed up with Shop Tobi and Edge I-Wear for my festival looks, and I'm loving the pieces I picked out! My taste ranges from girly to something darker, so I decided to do something different for each day. Details below:

Outfit One

I decided to go with something more girly with the Everything in Lace Romper as I've been falling in love with lace! Since this romper has a long sleeve, I love how the front has a dip that isn't too sexy but does show some skin. The back is sheer which is nice as your body won't get too hot in the heat. I paired Juno Sunglasses from Edge I-Wear as well as a mini Julian backpack from Rebecca MInkoff. Shoes and necklace from Forever 21. 

Outfit Two

This outfit is a complete contrast to outfit one as I went with black and combat boots for a more edgy punk look. This one was actually my favorite of the three as it is totally me, and I love this Alley Lace Up Ribbed Bodysuit from Tobi! I paired this outfit with Steve Madden combat boots and the Remy Sunglasses in black. 

Outfit Three

Last but not least, outfit three! I've also been really getting into gaucho pants, so I loved the Anisha Midi Jumpsuit with the Emerie Sunglasses in Tortoise. This one also has a dip in the middle where I added a Forever 21 tiered necklace so that it doesn't look so bare. I complemented the jumpsuit with sandals from Steve Madden for a casual look and a belt from Blow The Belt. 

Had so much fun shooting this lookbook in Palm Springs! Thanks to @xjenn3 for shooting all of these looks and finding these amazing locations. So excited to be attending Coachella weekend one in a few weeks! Say hi if you see me! :)

Additional Photos


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Month five using Rocksbox, and it doesn't get old! This time around, I was given a box of really simple and elegant pieces that I loved. My stylist chose a House of Harlow pendant necklace in turquoise to start, and paired it with a gold ring and earrings. 

The Wanderlust + Co ring I ended up buying as I love how the ring looks on my hand! The arrow shape filled with crystals adds a nice touch to any outfit- whether casual or something more on the formal side. 

Last but not least, I got the Kris Nations obtuse triangle stud earrings. These earrings are great for focusing more on the small and delicate details. Since I have a double piercing on my earlobe, I feel like this pair would be better for the top part of the earlobe.


This month's box really emphasized on simple gold tones, so I paired it with a casual spring outfit- a white sports bra like top with a blue floral skirt. Let's see what's coming my way next month!

Also: I was recently offered a collaboration similar to Rocksbox but for sunglasses! Same concept- you can pick a pair of brand name sunglasses you want to wear and trade them in for another pair when you get bored of them! Will be posting soon- stay tuned! :) 


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Fourth month using Rocksbox, and this may be my favorite month yet. This time around, the jewelry pieces I received were more simple and classy looking which I love. My stylist chose the Jules Smith cuff from my wishlist and paired two necklaces to layer with!

The geometric cuff was actually really malleable as you can bend it to open and close. It was nicely textured, and I love how nice it looked on my arm! It was on the bigger side which offset the simple thin necklaces nicely.

I got two Gorjana necklaces to layer, and I ended up keeping the Tane Toggle Lariat (pictured above). I love how it's adjustable and you can make it longer or shorter! I also got the Faryn Necklace which was really pretty and delicate. The boxes keep getting better and better, and I loved the pieces they sent to me this month! Can't wait to see what's in store for me the next time around!


clinartexoxo for your first month free!

Winter is finally here, but it definitely doesn't feel like it! For this month's theme, I got simple, elegant pieces that can go with almost anything. I wore a loose long white shirt with pants to pair my jewelry to accent the jewelry.

This time around, I received a layered nugget bead necklace from slate, a dita split ring from Gorjana, and Elle Earrings in Slate from Kendra Scott. I love the quote I got this month- "Alight with those who help you shine!" Anyways, the ring was by far my favorite piece as I love how it falls outside of the traditional band around the finger. Instead, it is split in the middle with a black beaded design that I love. The necklace is very pretty, but I feel that it is a little too long for certain outfits. I really love the gold tones that I received in this month's set, and I'm excited to see what I'll get next time around!


I finally got around to shooting my last outfit from MonoB Clothing! This time, I shot with the super talented photographer @RyanByRyanChua, and I was extremely impressed at the results. Since Ryan was familiar with the Arts District in DTLA, we decided to wander around the block to take photos.

Outfit One: Similar to the burgundy high waisted skirt in my last blog post, I wore a black plaid high waisted knit skirt paired with a black crop top turtleneck. To finish off the outfit, I wore a classic watch from Daniel Wellington in black and rose, a gold chain necklace from Forever 21, black knee high boots from Alexander Wang, and the Parody purse from Chloe.

Holiday Outfit!

For my second set, I decided to wear a holiday dress that would be perfect for a party or a night out. This cute boho red lace dress was from The Wildflower shop, and since it was long sleeve and went up to my neck, I only wore my Daniel Wellington watch with my high knee boots to match. I love how it's long sleeve so I could stay warm during the cold winter nights! 

Had so much fun shooting this set. Hope you all have a happy holidays! xo


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Second month using Rocksbox, and I'm still in love! This month's box had more of a fall bohemian theme which was perfect for November! I decided to pair my necklace and bracelet with a brown suede dress from MonoB Clothing to complete the look. 


The box was consistent with the same wrapping and decoration, but I had a new quote this time- "If loving jewelry was a crime, I'd plead guilty." Everything was individually wrapped and placed carefully in jewelry bags, and you can really see the care that the company puts into their jewelry. I received an opaque black Kendra Scott Rayne Necklace, Gorjana Roya Shimmer Drop Earrings, and Nakamol Burgundy & Rose Wrap Bracelet. 

My personal favorite this month were the earrings; I love the simplistic design and the flexibility of use- during a day out or even at night. The bracelet was also fun to play around with and wear, and added a nice touch to almost any outfit I wore on a casual day. Overall, the colors of this month's jewelry fit the fall tones perfectly, and I can't wait to see what I'm getting for the winter! 


Jewelry subscription box!? Yes! As one who doesn't buy or wear jewelry often as I usually forget, it's nice to get new jewelry every month with unique designer pieces. Rocksbox is a subscription service that offers 3 different types of jewelry each month, and after that month is over, you can either return or purchase the jewelry. After creating an account, you can pick and choose your favorite jewelry pieces, and a stylist will then choose 3 that will go well together and ship them out to you.

Upon opening my package, I was very impressed at the presentation and style of the box. Each box is packed with care, and there is bubble wrap and jewelry bags surrounding each piece. I even had my own personalized card with a description of the jewelry, and a message from my stylist. 

For my first box, I received a Perry Street Laurel Necklace, a Sophie Harper Pave Dagger Studs in Gold, and a Gorjana Zoe Crossover Ring. The jewelry was of good quality and seemed very sturdy, and my favorite was the crossover ring which I enjoy wearing on the daily. The necklace is a lot longer than I expected, but it goes really well with low cut tops and rompers! The earrings were nice and simple, a lot more on the subtle side especially when going out. 

The three pieces I received are perfect for day and night! For the day out, I decided to pair my jewelry with a casual blue satin romper from Bobbi Rocco which fit really well. For the night time, I wore a light teal top from Angl, and a white pencil skirt from Bebe which also matched with the jewelry nicely. 

Overall, I love wearing these pieces with my outfits! Since I know that I only have this for a month, I want to be able to utilize it as much as I can, so I definitely do not forget to wear my jewelry haha. Use the code clinartexoxo for your first month free! Can't wait to see what next month's pieces entails! 

5 Ways to Wear a Tulle Skirt x Shabby Apple

I've always wanted a tulle skirt, and when Shabby Apple contacted me for a collaboration, I was so excited to style it! They have three gorgeous colors- gray, pink, and mint green, and I chose the mint green as I really like how the color pops out. When my package came, I was surprised at how small it was! The tulle skirt comes in a bag, folded up, and it seemed pretty small. However, upon opening it, it was really nice and full. Tulle fortunately does not wrinkle, so upon taking out my skirt, I was able to wear it immediately. The skirt was longer than I expected; it went from my waist all the way to my feet. Because I was scared of getting it dirty, I wore short heels so the skirt would not drag on the floor. I also worked with Baubles & Gems to complete the various looks with jewelry.

1. Formal

For my first outfit, I decided to try out a more formal, elegant look with a white trench coat over the skirt. I wore a tan BCBG Maxazria shirt inside with a gorgeous gold and silver necklace by Baubles & Gems. This set was my favorite, as I love how the coat really offsets with the skirt! 

2. Casual

For my second look, I paired a casual white dress shirt with a bright yellow necklace from Baubles & Gems for a summery look. Love the color contrast of the necklace and the skirt! A loose shirt tucked in works really well with the tulle for a day outfit, and I also added sunglasses from Forever 21 to complete the look. 

3. Ballerina

I decided to go for a classic ballerina outfit for my third look; I wore a black leotard from Forever 21 paired with a pretty silver, gold and pearl necklace with these super cute bow earrings from Baubles & Gems. Love how the skirt poofs around me when I sit! I also really liked this outfit because of its simple and clean look. If you want to accentuate your figure more, I would go with something more fitting such as a body suit or a crop top. 

4. Denim

For this outfit, I paired the tulle skirt with a grey tank top and a jeans jacket over it. I added a boho style statement necklace and earrings from Baubles & Gems which I loved. Last but not least, why not complete the outfit with braided hair and converse? :p 

5. Dolly

Last but not least, a dolly look!  I wore a chiffon crop top and put my hair in a bun for this look, and added more blush and color to my face and lips to accent my features. I used the It Girl Palette by Memebox x Nylon for my eyes and blush, and I finished off my outfit with a crystal bracelet and white moon flower earrings from Baubles & Gems! 

Thank you again Shabby Apple for the beautiful tulle skirt, I had so much fun styling this! Tulle skirts look great with a variety of looks, and works for many occasions! Hope you enjoyed reading this, and comment below/ let me know what your favorite look is! 

Photos by: Nicole Tan, Baubles and Gems Blog-

Coachella Outfits!

This year was my first time experiencing Coachella and it was so amazing! Decided to go all out on my outfits- I had so much fun planning everything! Details on outfits below~ 

Outfit one:

  1. Jumpsuit- BCBGMaxazria 
  2. Body Chain and dagger necklace- Baubles & Gems
  3. Shoes- Tory Burch
  4. Sunglasses- Urban Outfitters

Outfit two:

  1. Romper- Shop Tobi
  2. Sunglasses- Ted Baker
  3. Necklace- Baubles & Gems
  4. Backpack- Rebecca Minkoff
  5. Sandals- Forever 21
  6. Flash Tattoos- LuluDK Tattoos

Outfit Three:

  1. Watermelon Crochet Top- Shop Tobi
  2. Cardigan- Billabong
  3. Jean Shorts- Urban Outfitters
  4. Necklaces- Chanel, No Rest for Bridget
  5. Backpack- Forever 21
  6. Chapstick- Honey Belle (this was a lifesaver at the event!) 

Outfit four:

  1. Dress- Moon & Meadow
  2. Hat- Forever 21
  3. Rings- No Rest for Bridget

Some tips for Weekend 2 people:

Bring a jacket!! It will get really cold at night, and you will need to stay warm! I rented a locker to put my jacket and other stuff in, but I unfortunately got sick as I was walking around in the cold, so don't do what I did! 

Don't forget to eat and stay hydrated! As the event is in the desert, it was super hot and draining to walk around everywhere, so be sure to keep yourself healthy and energized. 

Bring chapstick, bandanas, and sunglasses! There's dust everywhere and it's super dry, so protect your face from all of that! Have fun! <3

Collab w/ Baubles & Gems

I did a collab with my friend Nicole for Baubles & Gems, and it was so much fun! As one who has advertised jewelry a couple times, I always find it fun to play around with poses and learn how to showcase your hands and arms more gracefully. 

This time around, we shot with Allen ( in Pasadena at the Arlington Garden. It was pretty hot, but thankfully we were wearing kimono style dresses and a maxi dress. The gardens were so pretty! There was a really nice area to sit and chill, as well as various places you can walk around and admire the scenery. We shot in our dresses together as well as the jewelry! I was given rings, necklaces, and earrings to showcase, and I loved all of them! I really like simple yet elegant designs, and the silver and gold really accented that. 

We each had several rings on each hand, and would place it all the way on the finger or on a knuckle. The elegant floral design was really pretty, and I love the accents around each ring! I also received two necklaces which were my absolute favorite- they were the perfect touch to my maxi dress. Layering two simple necklaces with different lengths looks super cute together, and adds a nicer touch to the overall look. My earrings matched with the necklace, and I also got an angel wing ear cuff which was super unique and cool! I felt pretty badass wearing the cuff. haha. The quality of the jewelry was good; it's not like the cheap ones that you get that smell like metal and are too light. These are a nice weight and have a nice feel to the skin! 

Love the simple yet beautiful jewelry that Baubles & Gems carries, as they went perfectly with our dresses and really accented the overall image. I now have a new appreciation for hand candy, and can't wait to work with them again in the future!