Gemorie Jewelry: Date Night

I recently got a necklace from Gemorie's new jewelry line: Trinity Dancing Stones! The dancing stone is set in the center and is designed to sparkle from every angle, which creates a dancing movement with a dazzle. I chose the diamond criss cross pendant as I felt that it can match with any look. For this collaboration, I decided to showcase two looks that transitions from a casual day out to date night! 

For the first look, I decided to wear a blue off the shoulder top with a small dip in the middle to accentuate the necklace. I kept it simple and clean for this look and paired it with gray jeans! Top: L'atiste clothing, Jeans: Zara

As night fell, I changed out of my day clothing into an elegant and classy black maxi dress. I also wore a dress with a V cut in the middle to showcase the necklace. Dress: Showpo

As you can see, the necklace has a very versatile look that can pair well with any outfit as shown in the four photos. Although I did choose more simple outfits, the pendant can work with almost anything! I'll be hosting a giveaway on the Dancing Stones line soon- so stay tuned! :)