Memebox x Pony Effect

Pony is back, and this time around I got the Pony Effect Mirage Highlighters and Personal Cheek! For the highlighters, I got the Lucid Dream, Fairy Tail, and First Chance to try. For the blush, I got Count on Me which is a gorgeous light pink color that adds a nice, rosy color to my cheeks! 

The Lucid Dream was the lightest of the three, with a white pearlescent shimmer that is perfect for the inner corner of your eyes! 

Fairy Tale was the darkest of the three (but still really light), and radiates a warm, gold shimmer that is perfect for highlighting your cheek bones and brow bones! 

First Chance was the most yellow of the three- it is a light yellow gold shimmer that brings out a nice highlight. I added this to the bridge of my nose and the middle of my forehead for an accent. 

The powder was well packed and pigmented, and added a nice, natural glow on my face! I love how the shimmer is not too obvious or too light, and portrays the perfect highlight for my skin. Thanks #Memebox for always supplying me with the best products! 


Pony is back again with another collaboration, and this time it's the new Shine Easy Glam Palette! I got Palette #2 which has a lot more shimmer to the colors, which I love. The palette is twice as big as the old one, and has eight gorgeous neutral and rosy colors that are perfect for everyday use. 

I was excited to hear that the formula for the powders are new and improved as Memebox added double-coating powder for longer wear and less fallout, and rosehip oil so the colors go on smoothly. Upon trying the colors, the difference was noticeable immediately; the pigments are so much nicer in this version! The colors pop out with more intensity, and it lasted throughout the whole day without any issue.

My personal favorites were the glam violet and the Shine Rose as the colors really accentuated my eyes. I put a little of purple under my eyes up to the edge, and I loved the result!  I use the Glam Bronze, Glam Mocha, and the Glam Choco for everyday use, and the rosy colors for the night. This palette has become my go to for everyday use, and I love how the colors are vibrant and fun. 


This box that I received from Memebox has been by far the most interesting and unique box I've received! Inside the box included an egg mousse pack by too cool for school which is actually a really popular brand in Korea, and two lip tints from Berrisom My Lip Tint Pack- virgin red and pure pink. 


I tried out the egg mousse pack before heading to bed, and was pleasantly surprised with the results. This fine lather mousse is made up of the protein and vitalize extracted from eggs to produce a brighter and more moisturized skin. After squeezing a ping-pong ball sized mousse to my freshly washed face, I left it on for about 15 minutes until the mousse was entirely absorbed in my skin. It actually felt a little ticklish as the product was foamy and the bubbles would pop, and the end resulted in a sticky film that covered my face. After washing off the product with water, I was left with a smooth and soft face that felt super natural! 

Had to showcase my tsum tsum nails at the same time :)

Had to showcase my tsum tsum nails at the same time :)

The Berissom lip tints were next! I've never used a lip tint before, and was surprised at the whole process and the results. The colors are super bright, and after applying a generous amount of the lip color, I let it dry for around 5-10 minutes. After the color dried on my lips, I peeled it off which resulted in a nice, natural color on my lips. I was extremely surprised at how natural the color looks and how easy the process was! The color lasted all day as well which was awesome. I liked pure pink better as it is a lighter and more natural color. The virgin red got really messy and stained my fingers and my teeth, but the resulting color was really nice as well.

I was kind of scared on accidentally dying my skin around my lips so my first time was a little off, but here are the colors! The first two pictures are of the pure pink, while the last two are of virgin red. The first photo is when the lip color is applied, and the second photo is what it looks like after I peeled off the color. 

I also received a Ciracle Good-bye Blackhead pore control! I love the simple black packaging of the product! The box comes with directions and a tweezer to carefully grab the sheets from the package as well as cotton swabs to wipe away the blackheads after using the sheet. This product is recommended for the cheek and chin area, but I decided to put the sheet on my nose as that was where most of my blackheads were. After reading the directions, I placed a sheet on top of my nose, and waited 15 minutes before taking it off. Once the sheet was off, I used the cotton swabs to wipe away the blackheads/whiteheads that I had. This product did exactly what it was supposed to, and it was extremely easy to use! 

This package was actually my favorite as these products have really helped with my skin! I love how unique each item was; I had a fun time learning how to use these products and experimenting with them. Definitely using these products on a constant basis. Thanks Memebox for these goodies! 


I've been so excited for Evon's line to launch with Memebox as it is more out of the ordinary than the usual eyeshadow palette. With her #HDReady collection, Evon offers two different types of contour sets as well as three beautiful colors of cream matte lipsticks! Matte lips are the new in right now as they are more sustainable and moisturizing for your lips, and I was so happy that I received all three shades of marsala lipsticks to try! 

The quality of the matte lipstick is totally different than the typical lipstick you can get anywhere else. After applying the color, my lips felt super smooth and creamy, and the color gives off a nice classic look. Typically, when I wear regular lipstick, my lips become super dry and uncomfortable by the end of the day, but with these cream lipsticks, my lips still felt healthy after a whole day. Cream lipstick also uses a lip applicator to apply the color, which was so much more precise and easy to use. I actually enjoyed wearing cream lipstick so much better than regular lipstick! 

The lightest color, Shy Marsala, was more of a neutral nude color with a hint of pink that blended in well with my skin. 

The lightest color, Shy Marsala, was more of a neutral nude color with a hint of pink that blended in well with my skin. 

The second color, True Marsala, was my favorite color as it was not too light or too dark for me. This color was more of a soft brown with a hint of marsala undertones. 

The second color, True Marsala, was my favorite color as it was not too light or too dark for me. This color was more of a soft brown with a hint of marsala undertones. 

Last but not least, the Daring Marsala. This is my go to color for a night out with friends, and I love the bold wine color that really accentuates my lips. 

Last but not least, the Daring Marsala. This is my go to color for a night out with friends, and I love the bold wine color that really accentuates my lips. 

Wore the Daring Marsala color for Outsidelands! 

Wore the Daring Marsala color for Outsidelands! 

These cream matte lipsticks are definitely the new in! I find them so much better than regular lipstick, and I love wearing these colors out. I would recommend trying these matte lipsticks as they are so much better, and at $10, they're definitely a steal. Use "MEME10" to receive 10% off your order! 

Collab w/ Memebox x Pony

Sorry I've been gone for so long, I just got back from a month long Asia trip! My Pony eyeshadow and lipsticks came right in time before I left for Asia, and I felt it appropriate to use the colors for everyday use as the colors were super natural and perfect for summer. I was lucky enough to get the Brown Bloom eyeshadow palette as well as four lipstick colors (top to bottom)- Orange Dahlia, Rose Garden, Blooming Love, and Spring Romance. My favorite is definitely the Blooming Love, as I like a natural pinkish lip color. 

I fell in love with the eyeshadow palette- from the packaging to the colors and quality, everything was perfect! These four colors were perfect for blending and creating a nice, shimmery look on my eyelids. I started out with the darkest color Shine Midnight Brown on my eyelids, and blended out to my crease with the Shine Brown. I finished off with Glam Nude Beige above my crease, and highlighted my inner corners with Glam Fair Brown. The end look resulted in a really natural look that was perfect for a day out. Last but not least, I added the creamy Blooming Love color on my lips! I typically never wear lipstick, so this was a change for me. I was actually really surprised at how natural the color looked! The color stayed on for a good amount of time and didn't dry out my lips at all. 

Love this collaboration with Pony! It came out at the perfect time as the colors were based off the romantic flowers of Spring, and although it is not Spring anymore, these colors look amazing under the summer sun. As I was in Korea for a week, I felt that it was appropriate to wear Pony's collaboration out, as Pony is the makeup guru of Korea! 

Collab w/ Nylon x Memebox

Nylon celebrated their 16th birthday by giving away the #ItGirlPalette to its surbscribers! I was also one of the lucky ones who received the palette to test out and play around with. :) Love Memebox's packaging; it is always consistent and comes with the palette bubble wrapped, pink shredded paper, and new samples! 

The packaging and the exterior of the palette is super cute! Love how smooth and clean the exterior looks, and this palette comes with a double sided brush to use on the eye shadow colors. There are six smaller colors that consist of rosy and neutral shimmery colors, and a matte white called "Lilo" that can be used for the base and/or highlight of your eyes. "Paris" and "Mischa are darker rosy colors, and "Lana" and "Nicole" are nice, neutral browns that are perfect for everyday use. "Mary-Kate" is also a neutral color, but more towards a light forest green that is a really nice complement to the browns. The two larger colors on the side include different variations of pink; one which is the iconic bright pink NYLON color that they named "Sweet 16," and the other a glittery light pink called "The Moment" that is the perfect highlighter for the inside of your eyes. 

The pigments on this palette are really nice; the colors stayed on my eyes all day and did not fade whatsoever. The colors of the palette are named after their most iconic It Girls, which totally added to the theme and in my opinion, pretty unique. I started with the "Nicole" on the middle and outer lid of my eye forming an outer V, then added the "Lana" at the crease. After blending those colors, I added "Mary-Kate" to the middle of my lid for a pop. I then finished off with "Paris" on my inner lid and "The Moment" under my eyes for a highlight. I then used a little bit of the "Sweet 16" for blush on my cheekbones. 

When the sun started to set, I added a little more color for brighter eyes that would pop out more at night. I added "Mischa" to the crease and outer V, and finished off the look with more blush and red lipstick. 

I had so much fun playing around with this palette! I love the variety of versatile colors; you get a nice combination of neutral and rosy colors that you can use separately or even combine for a more playful look. I definitely want to try using "Sweet 16" on my eyes for a more intense look in the future! This would be a great go to palette for everyday eyes, and you can use the code  'NYLON4' for $4 off the palette or 'NYLON15' for 15% off any order containing the palette (i.e. mystery boxes).

5 Ways to Wear a Tulle Skirt x Shabby Apple

I've always wanted a tulle skirt, and when Shabby Apple contacted me for a collaboration, I was so excited to style it! They have three gorgeous colors- gray, pink, and mint green, and I chose the mint green as I really like how the color pops out. When my package came, I was surprised at how small it was! The tulle skirt comes in a bag, folded up, and it seemed pretty small. However, upon opening it, it was really nice and full. Tulle fortunately does not wrinkle, so upon taking out my skirt, I was able to wear it immediately. The skirt was longer than I expected; it went from my waist all the way to my feet. Because I was scared of getting it dirty, I wore short heels so the skirt would not drag on the floor. I also worked with Baubles & Gems to complete the various looks with jewelry.

1. Formal

For my first outfit, I decided to try out a more formal, elegant look with a white trench coat over the skirt. I wore a tan BCBG Maxazria shirt inside with a gorgeous gold and silver necklace by Baubles & Gems. This set was my favorite, as I love how the coat really offsets with the skirt! 

2. Casual

For my second look, I paired a casual white dress shirt with a bright yellow necklace from Baubles & Gems for a summery look. Love the color contrast of the necklace and the skirt! A loose shirt tucked in works really well with the tulle for a day outfit, and I also added sunglasses from Forever 21 to complete the look. 

3. Ballerina

I decided to go for a classic ballerina outfit for my third look; I wore a black leotard from Forever 21 paired with a pretty silver, gold and pearl necklace with these super cute bow earrings from Baubles & Gems. Love how the skirt poofs around me when I sit! I also really liked this outfit because of its simple and clean look. If you want to accentuate your figure more, I would go with something more fitting such as a body suit or a crop top. 

4. Denim

For this outfit, I paired the tulle skirt with a grey tank top and a jeans jacket over it. I added a boho style statement necklace and earrings from Baubles & Gems which I loved. Last but not least, why not complete the outfit with braided hair and converse? :p 

5. Dolly

Last but not least, a dolly look!  I wore a chiffon crop top and put my hair in a bun for this look, and added more blush and color to my face and lips to accent my features. I used the It Girl Palette by Memebox x Nylon for my eyes and blush, and I finished off my outfit with a crystal bracelet and white moon flower earrings from Baubles & Gems! 

Thank you again Shabby Apple for the beautiful tulle skirt, I had so much fun styling this! Tulle skirts look great with a variety of looks, and works for many occasions! Hope you enjoyed reading this, and comment below/ let me know what your favorite look is! 

Photos by: Nicole Tan, Baubles and Gems Blog-

Collab w/ SoothingSista x Memebox

I've always been slightly obsessed with makeup (as seen from my boxes and boxes filled with makeup at home), and so I was super excited to be chosen as one of Memebox's ambassador. Memebox is an online Korean beauty retailer that has a ton of skincare, beauty, and makeup brands and products on their site. They even have different types of boxes that you can buy for the full package! What I've noticed as well is that Memebox also works with a lot of big names and companies to create their own makeup look. I got to test Soothing Sista's eyeshadow palette that was released recently. 

Upon opening the package, it was obvious that the products were packed with care- the palette was bubble wrapped, there was pink shredded paper with two samples, and a small note from Memebox.  Love the packaging of the palette! Super smooth and simple on the outside and the perfect size as an on-the-go palette; I actually have it in my purse right now! 

There were two matte and two shimmery eyeshadow colors inside. The colors really reminded me of the Naked 3 palette as they were more rosy and natural looking. The top two, Sutro and Valencia, were the two lighter, matte colors while the bottom two, Candy Rain and Bae Area, were more shimmery. While the pigments for Sutro, Valencia, and Candy Rain were really nice, the Bae Area was a little more flaky and harder to apply. The Candy Rain was a dark mauve shimmery color that was my favorite, where the Bae Area was a shimmery light pink that I used as a highlight under my eyes. 

 I started out with eyeshadow primer and Candy Rain on my lid, and then blended out to the crease with Valencia and Sutro for a more subtle look. I then highlighted with Bae Area under my eyes, on the inner corner, and over the lid to add a little shimmer, and finished off with eyeliner and mascara! The Bae Area did come off when I put it over the lid though so I would just recommend using it as a highlight on the inner corner. This palette for me was more of a natural, everyday look that I can wear anytime. Loving the soft, neutral look it created on my eyes! 

Eyeshadow on arm in photo below (left to right)- Sutro, Valencia, Candy Rain, Bae Area