Cava Grill

1073 Broxton Ave
Los AngelesCA 90024

If only this spot opened up before I graduated UCLA... I would have come here everyday! Cava Grill is originally from Washington DC, and after multiple shops in the east coast, they finally made their way to Cali! They do have a more formal restaurant in the east coast, and Cava Grill is their casual version of their main restaurant. They do use sustainable and healthy ingredients, and are expanding to have their products such as hummus and harissa in grocery stores! 

The style is very similar to Chiptole where it is make it yourself- but instead of Mexican food, it's Mediterranean. The restaurant is huge- lots of tables but the line does get long. In the beginning, you choose your base of wrap, bowl, or salad, then you choose up to three dips or spreads! After your protein, you can choose as many toppings and dressings as you would like to top off your base! 

I decided to get a wrap with half regular and lamb meatball and tzatziki, hummus, harissa (spicy) for the spreads. For the toppings, I picked and chose my favorites, and the ingredients were so fresh and tasty. The spicy harissa sauce was the highlight of my meal, and the melange of the toppings made for the perfect wrap!

They also have a wide variety of drinks so I would definitely invest in a cup! I tried their lavender lemonade, a strawberry one, and their apple cinnamon drink. Got so bloated from trying the yummy flavors!

I was so impressed at how delicious my wrap was- I can see Cava Grill becoming the new Chiptole of Mediterranean food! Service was fast and efficient, and everyone knows what they're doing. I need to try their bowls next- hopefully they will open a location closer to me as they are doing things right here!