Sweetfin Poke

829 Broadway
Santa Monica, CA 90401

This may be my new favorite poke place! Came in after hanging out in LA and there was a short line. After waiting for a bit, someone took my order (like In-N-Out style where there is a person in line who takes your oder for you) and I paid for my meal which was around $14. 

I got the Spicy Yuzu Salmon bowl as recommended by the cashier with bamboo rice, and it was AMAZING. You can add additional toppings for free, and I recommend the crispy garlic, crispy onions, and cucumbers. The fish was marinated perfectly and I loved the contrast of the tanginess of the yuzu. The fish was fresh and cut perfectly, and there was a good amount of food in the bowl. The rice was also very unique and tasty, and I was so impressed with the overall taste of the bowl. So glad I got the large size! 

Too bad this poke spot is too far from me, but it is a good thing as I will save money! Can't wait until I get my hands on this again.... Hopefully it will be soon!

Cinderella and Sushi

The Cinderella dress!

The Cinderella dress!

We decided to see the Cinderella movie at the El Capitan theater! For $4 more than a regular movie ticket, you get to sit in a beautiful theater with Cinderella decoration on the side and featured short films. Each short feature would add five minutes to the giant clock in the middle, and when it struck midnight, confetti exploded everywhere and the movie started!

The movie was a very classic Cinderella tale with a modern and humor twist. Loved the set and the dresses that the characters wore, and the whole storyline! My favorite part was when Cinderella appeared at the ball and everyone just admired her from afar. Great theater to watch the movie in. They also had the dress on display, and a few more artifacts for viewing in the Lower Lounge.

After Cinderella, we decided to go to Izakaya by Katsuya. Came in around 10 pm to a 20-25 minute wait.. this place was super packed at so late in the night! We went to the bar next door to grab a drink before coming back where we were seated immediately.

We ordered a bottle of nigori to start off with, and gyoza and the salmon sashimi with black caviar. The salmon sashimi was as bomb as everyone said it was. It was wrapped with crab meat (I think) inside and topped with caviar and cucumber on the bottom. The cucumber added a nice refreshing touch to the end! 

Next up we got the garlic albacore sashimi. We were actually really surprised at how fresh and good it was. My friend doesn't even like albacore but she loved this dish. 

We wanted uni, but the server said they ran out. However, she checked again (thank goodness she did) and they did have it, so we immediately ordered two orders of the Santa Barbara uni. Best decision ever. The uni was so fresh and sweet... when I ate the sushi it literally popped in my mouth and was full of flavor. It was so good we ordered another round and some tako (octopus) on top of that. The tako was more tender than usual, and was also very fresh and of great quality. 

Our two rolls came out next; we got the seared albacore & truffle roll and the popcorn shrimp on spicy tuna roll. The albacore truffle roll was yummy, but I didn't really taste the truffle. Great texture combination though! Crunchy and crispy and soft at the same time. The popcorn shrimp on spicy tuna roll, on the other hand, was amazing. The hot sweet popcorn shrimp on top of a cold roll made for a delicious complement. It also had a great texture combination, and was definitely the best roll to end the night with. Yum.

Our bill came out to be $135, which is kind of pricey for how little we ordered, but worth it. We enjoyed every bit of our meal as we should have, and left feeling extremely satisfied with everything. It was a fantastic evening in Hollywood!