Staying Fresh with Goby

Being raised using regular toothbrushes, I was excited when I was able to try out and upgrade to an electric toothbrush, no less an all black super sleek one from Goby! Goby focuses on providing an affordable, cleaning experience while maintaining quality, and they also offer a monthly subscription where the brush head will be delivered straight to your doorstep! 

Upon opening the package, I was impressed at how simple and clean the design was. The box comes with the Goby brush, brush head, hygienic stand, USB charging shell and converter, and a brush head cover. The charger itself was magnetic, and the battery lasts a full day- the toothbrush only needs to be charged twice a month! 

After trying the brush for the first time, I learned that there were two modes: normal and sensitive. I started out with sensitive mode, and the brushing takes a total of two minutes. There is a short pause every 30 seconds to switch quadrants, and once finished, I was very impressed at how clean my teeth felt! Overall, the Goby toothbrush not only exuded a sleek and elegant design, but also quality and functionality that leaves my teeth feeling sparkly clean. So glad I finally decided to switch over to an electric toothbrush- I won't be going back!