I recently came into possession of these unique slice sheet masks by Kocostar thanks to Memebox, and I seriously love the concept! They offer three different fruits in which each has different functions- lemon, tomato, and cucumber. The sheets are in an actual slice of the fruit which is super cute, and it is perfect for placing onto the areas of your skin that needs help. 

It is recommended that you put on these patches after cleansing and toning your skin. After 10 to 20 minutes, remove the sheet and massage the remaining liquid onto your face for the nutrients. 

Lemon- Lemon is perfect for uneven skin tone as it is a natural brightening ingredient. With the lemon, one can reduce the appearance of dark spots and skin discolorations. 

Cucumber- Cucumber has always been great for cooling the face, and this sheet provides nourishment and moisture for relaxation. Super refreshing! 

Tomato- I ended up using this sheet first as I just got back from a week long trip in Miami, and my skin was very dry. Tomato is perfect for brightening up dull and exhausted skin as it is enriched with lycopene (antioxidant that helps eliminate toxins that cause dullness and stress). I love how I was able to place the sheet wherever I wanted, and put it on my cheeks as it was super rough and dry.


The patches come in different sizes; there is a larger and a smaller size which is great for treating certain areas. I love how convenient and small these sheets are and how effective they are on my skin! Definitely a new staple for me, can't wait to try the rest of the fruit flavors!