Honey Belle Ultimate Face Kit

I've been using the Honey Belle Ultimate Face Kit for months now, so I finally decided to create a blog about it! Honey Belle emphasizes on organic, natural, and handcrafted skincare products that is great for the skin as there are no preservatives or chemicals. The face kit I use contains a foaming facial cleanser, facial tonic, day and night face creme, and the gentle makeup remover (instead of the acne rollerball listed on the site). I also got several of my favorite soaps and a matcha scrub for my body wash as well. 

The foaming facial cleanser in tea tree rose is super light on my skin as it removes impurities and soothes the redness and acne irritation I get. Be careful to not get it in your eyes though as it burns! I also use a spray or two of the facial tonic after washing as it is refreshing and has a nice lavender scent to it. 

The day and night face creme now comes in new packaging which I like so much better as this one uses a pump to dispense the cream. These two are part of my daily routine, and i put the lotion on after I wash my face to ensure that my skin does not stay dry.

Last but not least in the face kit- the gentle makeup remover. It contains lavender oil, almond oil, and Vitamin E (basically fish oil). I have yet to use this as this is a newer product, but I am excited to try it! 

For the soaps, my favorite of the infused goat milk soaps is the rose garden! I love how the smell isn't overpowering, and that when I use the soap, the rose petals actually come out the more I use it. The sea salt oatmeal bar, on the other hand, is my ultimate favorite as it smells AMAZING and I love the scent on my body! I have both the face and body bar as I'm obsessed! 

The green tea "matcha madness" face and body scrub is another essential that I love- I typically use it once every few days to get a deep skin cleansing. It comes in a 5 oz container which is more than enough for me to last, and the scrub is made of sugar, coconut oil, matcha, vitamin E, and glycerin. It comes separated (not sticky and clumped together like other products), and I really like how it feels on my skin! It is also technically edible if you accidentally eat it. haha. 

I'm obsessed with Honey Belle products, and I know my skin appreciates it too! This company is my go to when needing new items for my skin, and Honey Belle also gives back to the community which I love! Check out their website to learn more about them~