Absolutely Scottsdale

I've been to Phoenix several times before, but haven't had an opportunity to experience Scottsdale in itself. Scottsdale is a 20-30 minute drive from Phoenix,  so it is generally close to downtown. Not only does the city offer gorgeous hikes and numerous restaurant options, they also have a great night life scene, relaxing resorts, and so much more. 


I was there for two nights, and I stayed at Hotel Adeline for the first night. Hotel Adeline is a newly renovated hotel that just opened officially last month, and has a retro but modern vibe to it. The pool in the middle of the hotel was so relaxing- I spent the sunset there hanging out with friends. 

The next morning, I headed over to Farm & Craft, a healthy and sustainable spot with organic sandwiches, salads, drinks, and more. All of the restaurants I tried out in Scottsdale was delicious- they have such a vibrant food scene! 


After lunch, we headed over to the SMOCA (Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art). I was actually very excited on this visit as they have a James Turrell exhibit - this one is unique as it has colored glass on the outside surrounding the Skyspace! They had around 5 exhibits total- all of which I enjoyed browsing through. 

After the museum, I checked into The Scott Resort, and if this wasn't interior goals, I don't know what is! With pink and green pastel tones and palm leaves everywhere, The Scott takes you back to the lush, tropical jungle with sandy beaches and a Cuban touch. I got to hang out at the resort pools all day and relax and unwind before heading out for the night! 

Going out in Scottsdale is a blast- when coming to Phoenix it's definitely one of the go to spots for a night out. I somehow made it up to go hiking and catch the sunrise- and I chose Camelback Mountain Cholla Trail to hike up. The trail itself was gorgeous; its completely different than the hikes in LA! Where LA gives you dirt and mountains, Arizona gives you rock formations, giant cactuses, and so much more. The Cholla Trail may or may not be one of my new favorite hikes - near the top, you actually have to start scaling up rocks! 

Overall, I had a very relaxing yet fun trip in Scottsdale - there's so much to do here! After getting to learn more about the city and what it offers, I definitely want to return in the near future to explore and try more restaurants and hikes. Scottsdale is such a great place to be during the summer because of the good resort rates as well (around 60% off on ItsThatHot.com). See ya soon, Scottsdale!