Lexus LC 500 Road Trip

As a car enthusiast,  I was extremely ecstatic when I received an opportunity to drive one of Lexus' cars! I've always known Lexus to be a more comfortable and luxurious car, so when the LC 500 came out early this year, I was surprised at how sleek and sporty the car looked! I was lucky enough to get the red LC 500 (which is actually a hybrid car!) for a week.


A few of my favorite exterior features include: 

  1. Carbon fiber roof and trunk area
  2. 21 inch wheels
  3. Triple beam headlights
  4. A spoiler that you can hide anytime
  5. Futuristic door handles
  6. Tear drop shaped headlights in the front

When entering the car, I love how futuristic the car functions are including a heads up display and a smart cruise control that changes your speed based on how fast the car in front of you is going. The car also comes with lane assistant which helps you stay in your lane via a sensor. It comes with four modes: eco, comfort, sport, and sport+. Although the car is extremely smooth, it is a beast with 471 horsepower and 0 to 60 in 4.4 seconds. I barely noticed when I hit 80 (shh) on the freeway as the drive was so seamless! 

Throughout the week, I took the car to various parts of So Cal such as San Bernardino, OC, and Mulholland Drive! The overall performance was fantastic, and the suspension was tight and responsive but still luxurious! 

At the end of the week, I was very sad when returning the car, but I'm glad I got to experience this! I had gotten used to driving the LC 500 so driving my normal car felt weird. I definitely miss the speed and the roaring sound the car makes when I start the engine. I had the best time with it, thank you so much Lexus for letting me experience this beast!