Mister Bossam

338 S Western Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90020

For a new restaurant, Mister Bossam has their food down pretty well. The restaurant is smaller than I expected, but it does have a nice outdoor patio seating area. 

We ordered the all star bossam as well as the spicy cheesy pork ribs. The banchan that came with the entrees were delicious; we couldn't stop eating it and kept ordering more. The all star came with three different types- regular, garlic, and spicy. It was actually my first time eating bossam, and it was really good. The meat was flavorful and slightly on the sweeter side, and it would go great with beer. The toppings were great with the meat; I enjoyed wrapping lettuce around the meat as well as the banchan. 

The spicy cheesy pork ribs were my favorite. As a lover of cheese, this dish was perfect for me! The spicy pork ribs surprisingly went really well with the corn cheese, and to me it was so yummy. However, the meat was a little dry at some parts, and was a little on the smaller side. The side of egg, mushrooms, pineapples, and fingerling potatoes were perfect with the meat, and we killed this dish within minutes. After finishing this dish, we then asked for the fried rice with egg, which was a nice ending to the meal. Love the crispy rice! 

Mister Bossam has a great start, and hopefully it only gets better from here.